My name is Saraid, this is my 5th year of taking yoga classes, I complete my YTT 200 hours in 2017, and 30 hours Yin yoga training in 2019. I have been practising yoga for around 15 years.

The reasons that I love Yoga change over time, however my practice has been a constant in my life. No matter where I am. I love the physical aspect of yoga.

My teaching style is usually a strong vinyasa flow, warming up to a peak pose, then incorporating extended holds in restorative postures towards the end of class. I love a beautiful relaxing savasana and usually theme my classes to keep myself on track.

There is so much to learn from yoga, which is both humbling and exciting, as I feel I have a life long assignment! I feel so grateful to be able bodied, to move and stretch and breathe freely. It’s truly a gift, and a daily reminder to be thankful. Teaching classes is a privilege. I believe we can learn something from every teacher and student.


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