Sarah is an ecologist-turned-yoga teacher who shares her time between – facilitating yoga and breathwork, and tour guiding wellness and nature immersive experiences.  A curious student of the world, the traditions of yoga, and the wisdom of the earth, Sarah is trained in vinyasa flow and pranayama (yogic breathwork). Her teaching is an ever-evolving true expression of her own practices, learnings and exploration of traditional yoga, modern movement culture and anatomy, rest practices and the nervous system.

Sarah’s signature offering ‘Breath; for Life’ is in its second year – a workshop series of breath practices focussing on the physiology and philosophy of breathing, the nervous system, and of course – spiritual aspects of breath practice (pranayama) from the yogic perspective. These series run over a period 6 weeks and are offered in-person and online. Various options will be available in the future to engage in singular workshops, seasonal series, and 12 month deep-dives. 

Slow Flow is a 60min yoga class that incorporates vinyasa style yoga asana, meditation, mindfulness, pranayama (yogic breathwork) and modern movement. Sarah’s classes are as the name suggests – slow and dynamic (using both flowing movement as well as static). Classes will usually start with an arriving meditation, move into a gentle warm up, and then peak into some more gentle but dynamic movement, before cooling down into a stretch and ending in savasana (rest). The classes are accessible to all bodies and levels of practitioners, if you are unsure – please feel free to contact Sarah.

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