Sarah is an ecologist-turned-yoga teacher who shares her time between – facilitating yoga and breathwork, and guiding wildlife experiences for the nature-and-adventure seekers.  A curious student of the world, the traditions of yoga, and the wisdom of the earth, Sarah is trained in vinyasa flow and pranayama (yogic breathwork). Her teaching is an ever-evolving true expression of her own practices, learnings and exploration of traditional yoga, modern movement culture, and earthly life.

Sarah’s first yoga experience was in 2014 at the Adelaide based Australian School of Meditation and Yoga. After stepping into a general hatha class, she found herself moving in ways that made her feel beyond what any other form of movement practice had before – balanced, connected, and present, inside and out. Not only was it the asana that drew her back, time and time again, it was the philosophy also. A means of connecting to a side of herself that had lay quietly tucked away – a spiritual path that was beckoning her to follow.

After 6 years of practice and self-study, she took the plunge into a 4 week immersion of 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training. And then 6 months later, completed a 7 week immersive Pranayama Teacher Training. Sarah’s fascination of the breath is contagious – a mention about breathing and noses is sure to be slipped into any casual conversation.

“As a guide (in yoga and also wildlife tourism), I love to combine my passions of earth + soul, and science + philosophy – to invite and guide a collective wellbeing of humans and our earth, together. “

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