Yoga came into my life in 1974. At the time I was living on the Island of Mauritius where I began to attend classes at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram. Not long before this BKS Iyengar had visited the  Ashram  and his method of teaching  had been adopted by the Ashram Hatha Yoga Teachers. The lessons were given in French, mine was  limited  but I was able to follow along quite well. The room was very small, we were squashed in like sardines and   you couldn’t put a pin between our mats, some of the women would practice in their Sari.

In 1977 while on an extended visit to England I enrolled in an Adult Education Yoga course. The Teacher was Anita Woodward she had been taught directly by Mr Iyengar. These classes were held in the local library and we practiced in between the bookshelves and at times used   them as  props. These were early days when Yoga was being introduced to the west, there were no purpose designed Studios or trendy clothing lines, all that mattered was the Yoga. Anita then took me under her wing and taught me privately in her home. I can still hear her telling me that I had to cultivate practice, patience and perseverance   She then arranged for me to be able to attend classes with Mr Iyengar in Pune India. This was indeed a great honour for me.   

In 1994/95 I studied for a Diploma with the IYTA  school of Yoga . Following this I undertook a Teacher Training course with senior Iyengar Teacher Pixie Lillas. Over the years I have attended many workshops with  Australia’s  Senior  Iyengar Teachers these include, Peter Scott, Glenn Ceresoli, Mark Gibson, Allan Goode,  Pixie  Lillas  and Donna Farhi. I’ve completed IYTA Post Graduate studies in Yin Yoga. Two years ago I travelled to India to study with Kaustaub  Desikachar  at the Healing and Yoga Foundation he runs in Chennai India.   These talented and dedicated Teachers have  informed  and inspired my Teaching.

The gift of Yoga has provided me with a framework of knowledge, within this  framework  are the tools to live life in a balanced and healthy way. It is a vital part of my life.

I am delighted to be part of the PLSY collective of Yoga Teachers. I value the collaboration we’ve created together which is one of  mutual respect and professional support.

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