My first experience of yoga was with the wonderful Patsy Lindschau when I was in secondary school and I loved it – the depth of the stretch, and the inner quiet that comes with concentrating on the asanas and the breath. In my early years after finishing school I travelled and was able to experience yoga in different countries. I enjoyed the varying perspectives this gave me and it helped me develop my own understanding of what yoga means to me.

I have a young family and work privately as an occupational therapist. Not being able to get onto a yoga mat anywhere near as often as I would like has brought about a different relationship with yoga during this busy stage of life. I have been able to use elements of yoga in my busy every day life – mainly around bringing my attention to my breath, and centring myself amidst the storm of noise and responsibility.

I completed Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training through the IYTA in 2015, the Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training (3 days) in mid 2017 and attended the Krishnamacharya Healing and Yoga Foundation in Chennai for two weeks in early 2017.

Whilst my input is mostly administrative, I am honoured to be a part of the Port Lincoln School of Yoga, and my hope is that it offers people a place of safety and support as they travel along their roads of learning.

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