Common Questions

What are some practical suggestions before a class? 

Please notify your yoga teacher if you have any health changes, concerns or injuries. For example (but not excluding), pregnancy, abnormal blood pressure, a history of recent back or neck pain/injury.

Please consider your fellow students, ensure your feet are clean and if necessary, bathe or shower before coming to class.

Practice is ideal with the stomach empty. At least ninety minutes should elapse after a light meal, and at least 3 hours after a heavy meal, before practice begins.

Practice clothing should permit complete freedom of movement.

Be sure to work within your own physical limitations. DO NOT force or strain.

During the menstrual period, your practice should be gentle.

Do I need to be flexible?

You do not need to be flexible to start yoga. This is one of the most common misconceptions about yoga. Beginners start with gentle stretches, which slowly develop flexibility. People can be beginners or experienced, you start where you are at now and progress over time. Yoga is ultimately about balancing the mind, body and soul.

What should I wear and bring to class?

Bring your smile and an open heart, we will guide you through everything else. Wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in. Yoga is practiced in bare feet. Mats and all equipment are provided, or you can bring your own if you prefer.

How many class should I practice each week?

Yoga is safe to be practiced on a daily basis, and we encourage a regular class attendance of at least once a week to feel the full benefits of your yoga practice. What is most important, is to practice in a way that shows respect and non-violence towards yourself, so that your commitment to yoga can grow into a life-long dedication. Our hope is that you are able to find balance on and off the mat by making yoga a part of your everyday life.

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