As a teenager I suffered horrid neck and back pain and into my 20s and 30s this became more widespread aches and pains. After years of chiro, physio, and several tests the final diagnosis was fibromyalgia.

It was good to have an answer but now I still needed to learn how to manage and best take care of myself. Over the years I found massage, Bowen therapy and yoga provided some much needed relief to the symptoms I experienced.

While I have quietly battled this condition for years and practiced yoga on and off during that time, I finally understood there was also the on-going battle within… that clashing between head and heart, that part where we are so strong, yet so sensitive.

You see, my mind and body were not at one at all…and any stress or anxiety would cause flair ups of physical pain and exhaustion.

I had, a few times, thought about becoming a yoga teacher over the years so that I could make this healing practice a more consistent part of my life, but instead I pursued my career in Event Management. It was reliable income, I enjoyed it and I was good at it.

The idea of teaching yoga kept bubbling away underneath, but I always pushed it aside and found excuses to put it off. I can see now that is because I wasn’t ready for it in many ways.

Earlier last year, after settling well in a new work position and with a new boss that encouraged personal growth, plus reducing my hours (which helped with feeling fatigued from fibro) I found that the right time, space and growth had happened, and it was now the right time to pursue my yoga teacher training.

I did lots of research, set some goals, finally backed and invested in myself and now, less than year later, I am a Level 1 350hr Certified Yoga Instructor. I am definitely loving the path and wish to continue learning.

I have found Yoga offers great relief from Fibromyalgia and is so incredible for our overall health and well-being. Yoga is the perfect balance of strength, yet flexibility and openness, power and surrender, yin (feminine) and yang (masculine). It offers so many things that I also invite you to explore. It is: challenging, balancing, fun, creative, yet healing. Overall, I think yoga can be pretty magical, if you let it.

Perhaps too often we ignore, or forget, this incredibly important connection between mind and body and that is when an illness or a condition can take over.

As I move forward with yoga, my mission is to continue to learn and teach community yoga with intention, facilitating mental and physical expansion through yoga practice.

This was also where the inspiration for my business name, Xpanding Yoga, comes from. As we expand our body and mind we can enjoy our own personal journey with this beautiful practice.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me.

🙏 I will look forward to seeing you on the mat and learning a little more about you too.




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