Viniyoga Newsletter July 2020

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JULY 2020

Do your best…Leave the rest… Don’t forget its all a test!!!

Greetings from the Viniyoga® family worldwide.

The COVID-19 crisis has taught me many things. It has been an unprecedented challenge in dealing with life these last five months of lockdown. The emotional impact it has had on my family and me has been overwhelming. Dealing with the professional and economic complexities it has brought forward has been daunting. Missing social relationships with friends have also been challenging. Meeting expectations from students, colleagues, and workmates have been almost impossible. All these have from time to time brought out the feeling of being an utter and total failure.

But what I know for sure is that I am not alone. I am also not a failure, even if faced with all of these challenges and have not managed to overcome them. These circumstances have brought me a great gift—the gift of listening to my inner voice.

Being in the position I am, there are a lot of expectations that I am confronted with. My staff at work expect me to support them economically during this crisis. My landlord from who I rent the school premise expects his rent monthly. The telephone and cable companies expect their cut, whether we are using our office telephone lines or not. Incidentally, we have not been using them since March 2020. Maintaining all these commitments, during a period of declined income has been an overwhelming reality.

Continuing our Teacher Training has been a mammoth task. To put together a session online that involves students from multiple countries from multiple timezones has its own set of challenges. Personal circumstances have also been different for students to engage in online sessions. What seems a convenient time for one lot of students does not seem to be for another. While some mothers prefer early morning slots, as their children are still asleep and hence they can focus better on learning, others prefer later time slots so they can sleep in late during the summer. Some complain that online learning is not the way to learn Yoga. At the same time, others insist that it is better to do online only now as it is safer. Some want vides turned on during the Zoom sessions, while others want it turned off. Some want to raise questions, while others want to listen only to the teacher. Essentially there is no perfect solution that works for all.

The lack of emotional bonding with friends and loved ones during this time have brought forward the need for relationships to sustain our lives. I haven’t been able to hang out with my close friends for almost five months now. It has brought forward a circumstance where I have to be with myself. And this is not always pleasant. It has revealed the value of friendships and how important they are to our wellbeing and nourishment. At the same time, this period of solitude has brought forward the importance of self-inquiry. I have taken time these days to evaluate my priorities in life, and what is indeed my dharma. This realisation would not have happened if not for this period.

The lesson I have learnt from these months of challenges is that we can only do our best. Leave the rest to the divine. And that all of this is a test. A test to evaluate our priorities. A test to assess our resolve. And more significantly, a test to gauge our faith.

While I have not succeeded in finding complete peace through all of this, I am grateful for what I have learnt from it. I continue to remain to be a student of life and be thankful for the chance to learn. The biggest lesson I have learnt through this COVID times is that the more we look inward, the more we will learn about ourselves, about life, and the universal scheme of things. We will pass this crisis, and when we do, we must be happy that we have become wiser during this process.

So, my dear friends, I invite you to do your best, leave the rest, and don’t forget that it is all a test!!!


Dr. Kausthub Desikachar

Krishnamacharya Healing & Yoga Foundation

The Viniyoga® Tradition

Dr. Kausthub Desikachar May newsletter

Together we fall. United we rise.

Greetings from the Viniyoga® family worldwide.

The world has been given a massive lesson. In the last few decades, we have been pushing towards a more globalised world. Using the mantra of globalisation, we have built a very interconnected world that has made the globe smaller and smaller. However, this means that our fates are also interconnected, and we are experiencing this through the current COVID-19 crisis.

Many people complain that the Corona crisis broke our system. I feel that it did not. Instead, it exposed the broken system we have created in the past decades. In India, there is a saying that when you grasp the tail of a tiger, you can’t let it go. We as a collective society not only created this tiger, called the consumption-based globalised economy but have also grasped its tail. We have become so dependant on it that we cannot let it go. Not only that, but we have also made it so intricately interconnected with players across the globe, that when we fall, we shall almost certainly all go down together.

Many people are praying and hoping that this crisis will end. The Corona crisis is merely a test to ready us for what will happen after. The Climate crisis is even more significant, and that will most certainly be the next crisis that will hit humanity. Are we prepared for that? Given what the current situation has revealed, we are definitely not ready.

The only way to let go of the tiger is to weaken it first. And the only way to make it weaker is by making collective conscious choices. We must unite together and redefine our consumption patterns. We must try and embrace local produce, that is both ecologically friendly and sustainable. We need to reduce our carbon footprint. We need to reduce the pollution of our waters, air and land. We need to accept and honour our differences and diversity. We need to start making decisions that are not just based on economic factors, but on moral, ethical and ecological ones.

Globalisation, while we will most certainly fall together, has also given us an opportunity to unite and rise together. If we can put aside our differences and connect to our hearts, and make decisions from there, I am quite sure we will not only survive this pandemic but be better prepared for the next.

Here is where Yoga comes in handy. We must look to practice the holistic discipline so that we can more deeply connect with our hearts. As Yoga teachers and practitioners, we must boldly go into this heart space, and help those around us do the same. Such internal changes will change the way we live, giving us greater respect and regard for nature.

Let us come together, connect with our hearts and rise together, not only to overcome this current crisis but also to be well-prepared for the next.


Dr. Kausthub Desikachar
Krishnamacharya Healing & Yoga Foundation
The Viniyoga® Tradition

Wendy Samek online classes

If you are in search of a yoga class to do online, Wendy Samek of @om_yoga__studio is offering mid week yoga via zoom. Link below, or you can also sign up for her emails
Wendy is an amazing teacher with years of teaching experience. We were lucky to have her visit our studio for a workshop late last year and now we are luckier to gave her in our homes. Namaste beautiful image by Carly Marie
Link to Ome Yoga website –

COVID-19 Update – Studio Closure

Dearest Students,
As most of you would have heard Scott Morrison has announced all gyms are to close 12pm tomorrow. So given that we will be closing after Patsys class tomorrow, Monday March 23rd.
This is truly a strange time and we hope you are all navigating this with peace and compassion; may you all be well
We will aim to share some yoga with you by some means during closure. Please feel free to contact us anytime. Biggest love to you all, Namaste
beautiful image via Pinterest

COVID-19 Update

Dearest PLSY Students
Given the exceptional circumstances we find ourselves in right now, we need to be extra vigilant with our approach to hygiene in the studio. If choosing to use our props in class, please be sure that mats and blocks are cleaned thoroughly both before and after class with the antibacterial wipes or spray provided. If using a bolster we ask that you bring a towel or sarong from home to cover over the bolster. Take the opportunity to wash your hands before and after class in the sink at the front of the studio. We will also be keeping 1.5 distance between mats
May you be happy
May you be healthy
May you be free of suffering
May you be filled with loving kindness

COVID19 Update

To our students attending the Port Lincoln School of Yoga
We are committed to following the guidelines as currently outlined by SA Health to manage the Corona Virus .
We want to assure you that we are implementing positive actions to help keep a safe and calm yoga class environment 
We are:
Providing antibacterial surface wipes and hand sanitisers located at the desk as you enter the yoga studio
Increasing cleaning and wiping of surfaces in the studio, including door knobs etc
Providing disposable paper cups for our herbal tea
Continuing to provide yoga classes to help calm your nervous system and wellbeing
Monitoring the situation as it unfolds
some things we respectfully ask your assistance with –
A gentle reminder to wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap – or use a hand sanitiser .
Wash your hands before and after class with the provided hand sanitiser / or under the tap located in the sink at the front of the yoga room.
If you are feeling unwell please reconsider attending class
Clean your mat thoroughly after your class with the anti bacterial wipes.
Bring your own mats and props if possible
Avoid using the eye pillows
Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing
Monitor our website and social media sites for updates on classes
Be kind, look out for each other and show compassion during this time.
Teachers – Port Lincoln School of Yoga

A wonderful read from Dr Kausthub Desikachar

Another wonderful read from one of our favourite teachers Dr Kausthub Deskichar. Well worth the read, especially during these times when Mother Earth needs our love & support more than ever. Namaste
Greetings from the Viniyoga® family worldwide.
Namaste my dear friends.
Consider this situation for a moment. Imagine you have a boil in your belly region. You attend to it and try to pacify it, by applying some cooling oil or cream. A few weeks later imagine a skin rash erupting on your arms. You start using some anti-itch creams and take some anti-histamines. Another fortnight later appears some ulcers in your mouth, which you try to counter with antacids recommended by the local pharmacy. Some days later you experience a burning sensation in the eyes and it turns red. You visit your local eye doctor, who recommends you to use some eye drops. And life goes on and on like that, eventually resulting in a heart attack.
None of these are isolated events that are meant to be viewed as mutually exclusive. Rather they are all connected and a traditional Ayurvedic doctor would say that there is a systemic aggravation of Pitta. The doctor would strongly recommend that we reconsider the way we live our life, and change our diet and lifestyle.
In the same vein, Mother earth is going through this crisis now. Be it the fires in Australia, the virus in China, the hurricane in the Philippines or any other global event that has occurred in the recent past, or is occurring now, or will occur in the future, are all interconnected. Mother earth is giving us a warning that she is pissed off with our way of life and that we need to start making dramatic changes. Not just some of us, but all of us. As we are all connected not only to each other, but also to Earth.
So rather than watch the news and get shocked and think we have nothing to do, we need to wake up and start doing something. Not just something mild, but something dramatic.
So please reconsider your diet and start consuming more plant-based foods. Even with plant-based foods consume what is naturally grown. Try and consume as much local food as possible. Even better grow your own vegetables.
Change your lifestyle. Walk to places nearby rather than drive. Buy fewer products, especially those that don’t disintegrate ecologically into nature. Try buying used goods and reuse them. Drastically reduce the use of plastic and if possible avoid using it. Share food, share rides to work and share time with family and friends without digital interferences. Consume less. Because what we need for healthy living is actually way less than what we desire. We need to step away from the gluttonous consumption patterns and relook at what is needed.
Please consider these and anything else that will reduce the agitation of mother earth. We have looted her enough of her resources. It is now time to give back to her with care and affection. This is even greater Yoga than to just practice some Asana or Pranayama without care or concern for this world.
Namaste. May we all be blessed infinitely by our creators, teachers and wellwishers.
Dr. Kausthub Desikachar
Krishnamacharya Healing & Yoga Foundation – KHYF
The Viniyoga® Tradition

Yoga Workshop with Lucilla Hammond – Align Your Life

Yoga Workshop with Lucilla Hammond – Align Your Life

 Saturday 8th February hosted by the Port Lincoln School of Yoga

“At the heart of Yoga is the principles of morality and peaceful living. We may believe that we are living that life but actually it is becoming increasingly difficult to do, in our ever complex society.

How do you really know if you are living in alignment to your deepest values? Do you even know what your most important values are?

This essential information helps us to understand ourselves better, to improve decision making and to contribute to the world at large with greater impact.

Join us at Port Lincoln School of Yoga for a morning of discovery of what our values are. As we get clear on our moral compass we integrate it into our cellular body through beautiful fluid yoga. Aligning our body, mind and spirit with the greater flow of our breath.

This will be a dynamic flow style class lead with a focus of body and breath awareness, to feel with honesty, the structural alignment of your body. This allows you to know what you are truly capable of when you are aligned in truth and integrity.

After a break of light refreshments you may like to continue onto the second, seriously nourishing, half of the class.

Restorative yoga can help you heal and integrate even the most difficult aspects of Self and Life, in the most gentle and compassionate way. Restorative Yoga is long holds of reclined postures properly supported by yoga props that allows the body to release deeply held tensions and opens the body in a way not normally available to us.

Pranayama or breath work, will be incorporated into this section for greater depth and enhancement. And we finish the day with a meditation that will leave you clear on the qualities you need to take you through this most powerful of years.

We are living through a very important moment of the human evolution. Let’s move through it Aligned in ourselves; consciously, with awareness and in community. All this is set to an inspiring soundtrack to keep you focused and connected as we dance the dance of Life.”

We hope you can join us

Session 1 – 9-11.30am Active Asana session $35

Session 2 – 12.15-2.15pm Restorative & Meditation Session $30

Both Sessions – $65 (with refreshments to follow)

Bookings can be made to Lucilla at or contact PLSY

Payment can be made on the day in cash or direct debit to Lucilla

Bendigo Bank
Joy Yoga or Lucilla Hammond
BSB: 633 000
Acc.: 131 188 815

Printable Information flyer

About Lucilla

“Words cannot convey the value of Yoga, it has to be experienced.”

These words from BKS Iyengar are so true. When I started yoga about 21 years ago I had no idea the influence it would have on my body, mind, emotions and life. It has completely changed them and transformed me into who I am today.

My first 7 years were attending a weekly Iyengar class in Edinburgh Scotland, where I quickly realised it helped me manage my moods. So within a month started a personal practice 2 or 3 times a week. This helped me manage bouts of depression, which over the years, disappeared altogether.

When I moved back to Australia into rural Victoria I couldn’t find a teacher and somehow ended up teaching instead! So I did my training in 2007 with the Australian Yoga Academy. I opened up a small yoga studio in 2010 and ran that until I decided to see the world again in 2017. Since then I have been travelling, mostly around Asia but the UK too teaching yoga, studying and offering healings in Reiki, Thai Yoga massage and some Ayurvedic massages.

Move, the way Love moves you.

I have developed my own style of movement, incorporating the focus of alignment and comfort that Iyengar offers, with the playfulness, fluidity and creativeness that flow and vinyasa yoga gives you. Learning to move, as Rumi puts it, the way love moves you.

This conversation of love through the body, breath and movement are all we really need to meet ourselves each day with where we are at. And to help process all we need during these turbulent times of the human evolution.

I am super excited to be able to offer a workshop in Port Lincoln, a town I have been visiting for decades now, as I have family here. I can’t wait to share my love of Yoga with yours and know that together we make the world a better place.

Om Shanti. May your experience be peace.

Lucilla Jane (Hammond)