Beautiful words by Dr Kausthub Desikachar

“His Master’s Voice – Yogasūtra of Patañjali
Explained by Dr. Kausthub Desikachar

1.13 Sa tu dirgha-kala-nairantarya-satkara-adara-asevitah drdha-bhumih

Last time we discussed sutra 1. 13, tatra sthitau yatnah-abhyasah, which defined the concept of practice, and we found that it was something that takes us close to the goal and sustains us there. Patanjali does not tell us what it is that we should practice, for that depends on our goal and where we are in our life. That is the power of now, of Yoga – being in the present moment.

What he does describe, in this following sutra, is certain important qualities that practice should have, so that it is able to attain drdha-bhumih, a strong foundation. 
Firstly, he makes it clear that yoga is a long process: doing ten Sun Salutations will not immediately result in citta-vrtti-nirodhah. You must have the discipline of practice for a long time. The first attribute of practice, therefore, is dirgha-kala, a long period of time. This does not mean five hours a day – duration depends on many things – but it does mean that it needs to be done for many weeks, many months, maybe years. It’s no good stopping after a few days because you don’t see any results. That is the challenge of Yoga – it takes time, and so this is presented first.

However, a long time is not enough – it should also be uninterrupted, which is the meaning of nairantarya. So many people give up for one reason or another, feel guilty and start again. My grandfather used to say that if you interrupt practice, when you resume it, it’s like returning to Day Zero. If you are eating every day and sleeping every day, to nourish yourself, you should also practise every day, like a ritual … when people asked on what day they could have a break, he would reply, on the days you don’t eat, you don’t have to practice.

Satkara is a very beautiful word with many meanings. Sat means the truth, what is real – so satkara means that you should practice according to your capacity and your reality, and this changes every day. It also means a positive attitude, a belief in what you are doing, that it will work. Then it will have better results. Adara means with eagerness, with enthusiasm: you should look forward to practicing every day!

Asevitah means that the practice must have, be served by, all these qualities. Then it will gain a strong foundation. This is a very important word. You are not being guaranteed citta-vrtti-nirodhah, but what has to manifest will manifest. Practicing doesn’t mean that you will get the result that you want, but you will get what is right for you, what is within your potential. Perhaps you will discover your goal: the goal which is appropriate for you and which is meant for you. Different people have different gifts, abilities and capacities. We must accept the limits of our svabhava, our potential, and act accordingly.

When Patanjali talked of the goal of Yoga in the third sutra, he said that consciousness will be established in its own nature, its own svabhava. Please practice in this way, my friends, and your practice will gain a very good foundation.”

Our school respects and follows the lineage of these teachers, they offer authentic yoga teachings and training programs in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar: & for more insight into the deeper layers of yoga or see their facebook page in the link bellow.

Class update – relief teacher

Dearest students……Class update 🕉

Jamie will be away this coming Monday 6pm and Tuesday 6.15am…..we are excited to welcome Carly to our teaching team, she will be relieving these classes. To book your space please message Carly on 0416 743 543💕Namaste



Remembering T.K.V. Desikachar

This week we are remembering and honouring one of the greatest yoga teachers of modern times, T.K.V. Desikachar. Following in the traditions of his father T Krishnamacharya he developed ‘Viniyoga’ – now his son @kausthub has continued the teachings. 🙏🏼
He has a wonderful book called ‘The Heart of Yoga’ which is a great resource if you are looking at broadening your knowledge of the true essence of Yoga. It can be ordered through the library. 💜
May you all have a wonderful day….take a breath in deeply and a breath out completely….in the words of this great man “The breath is a wonder drug”
Hari Om 🙏🏼

Viniyoga Newsletter July 2020

Viniyoga Final WEB300

JULY 2020

Do your best…Leave the rest… Don’t forget its all a test!!!

Greetings from the Viniyoga® family worldwide.

The COVID-19 crisis has taught me many things. It has been an unprecedented challenge in dealing with life these last five months of lockdown. The emotional impact it has had on my family and me has been overwhelming. Dealing with the professional and economic complexities it has brought forward has been daunting. Missing social relationships with friends have also been challenging. Meeting expectations from students, colleagues, and workmates have been almost impossible. All these have from time to time brought out the feeling of being an utter and total failure.

But what I know for sure is that I am not alone. I am also not a failure, even if faced with all of these challenges and have not managed to overcome them. These circumstances have brought me a great gift—the gift of listening to my inner voice.

Being in the position I am, there are a lot of expectations that I am confronted with. My staff at work expect me to support them economically during this crisis. My landlord from who I rent the school premise expects his rent monthly. The telephone and cable companies expect their cut, whether we are using our office telephone lines or not. Incidentally, we have not been using them since March 2020. Maintaining all these commitments, during a period of declined income has been an overwhelming reality.

Continuing our Teacher Training has been a mammoth task. To put together a session online that involves students from multiple countries from multiple timezones has its own set of challenges. Personal circumstances have also been different for students to engage in online sessions. What seems a convenient time for one lot of students does not seem to be for another. While some mothers prefer early morning slots, as their children are still asleep and hence they can focus better on learning, others prefer later time slots so they can sleep in late during the summer. Some complain that online learning is not the way to learn Yoga. At the same time, others insist that it is better to do online only now as it is safer. Some want vides turned on during the Zoom sessions, while others want it turned off. Some want to raise questions, while others want to listen only to the teacher. Essentially there is no perfect solution that works for all.

The lack of emotional bonding with friends and loved ones during this time have brought forward the need for relationships to sustain our lives. I haven’t been able to hang out with my close friends for almost five months now. It has brought forward a circumstance where I have to be with myself. And this is not always pleasant. It has revealed the value of friendships and how important they are to our wellbeing and nourishment. At the same time, this period of solitude has brought forward the importance of self-inquiry. I have taken time these days to evaluate my priorities in life, and what is indeed my dharma. This realisation would not have happened if not for this period.

The lesson I have learnt from these months of challenges is that we can only do our best. Leave the rest to the divine. And that all of this is a test. A test to evaluate our priorities. A test to assess our resolve. And more significantly, a test to gauge our faith.

While I have not succeeded in finding complete peace through all of this, I am grateful for what I have learnt from it. I continue to remain to be a student of life and be thankful for the chance to learn. The biggest lesson I have learnt through this COVID times is that the more we look inward, the more we will learn about ourselves, about life, and the universal scheme of things. We will pass this crisis, and when we do, we must be happy that we have become wiser during this process.

So, my dear friends, I invite you to do your best, leave the rest, and don’t forget that it is all a test!!!


Dr. Kausthub Desikachar

Krishnamacharya Healing & Yoga Foundation

The Viniyoga® Tradition

EXCITING NEWS – we can now have up to 17 students in class

EXCITING NEWS – we can now have up to 17 students in class yay 👏🏻 We ask that you still please book in to secure your spot and avoid disappointment. Bookings are to be made by text message to your teacher. If you book in and then can not make it please let your teacher know so others can come along. There will be no late entry, so please try arrive a little before class starts. 😊
Everything else remains the same for now. Any other updates will be made here 🙏🏼

Equipment – what to bring

~ E Q U I P M E N T ~
Gentle reminder that you will need to bring your own equipment to class, including mats, straps, blocks, blankets…some helpful information below ⬇️
• mats – these can be purchased around town or online, with prices to suit most budgets. They will be laid over our mats so this can add padding for knees 🌻
• blankets – any blankets from home will do…blankets can be used for warmth, head support, seat support, etc so please bring enough for your needs☀️
• strap – you can improvise here, using a tie or scarfe works perfectly 💗
• blocks – please bring your own if you can, some will be available to use but you will need to wipe down before and after use 🌸
• bolsters – if you dont have your own and would like to use one of ours please make sure you bring an extra blanket, towel or sarong to lie over the top 🦋
We also remind everyone of social distancing and hygiene practices during this time. Our shoe rack has been moved downstairs to help with this. Sanitiser will be available to use on entry. Please also bring your own water and herbal tea following class will not be able to happen.
We thank you for your ongoing support to help keep our fellow students and studio safe and complying with our COVIDSafe plan which is available in studio.
If anyone has any questions about anything please get in touch 🙏🏼
Enjoy your weekend and we will see you next week…namaste 😊

Classes capped at 10 – Bookings Essential – Opening Monday June 15th

One week until we are open again 🥰…a gentle reminder classes are capped at 10, please book in to secure your spot and avoid disappointment. Bookings are to be made by text message to your teacher. If you book in and then can not make it please let your teacher know so others can come along. There will be no late entry, so please try arrive a little before class starts. 😊
If you have any questions about anything please get in touch. Thank you again for your support and patience at this time 🙂
We are so very much looking forward to seeing you back in the studio.
Om shanti shanti shanti 🕉🙏🏼

Studio Re-opening Monday 15th June – Important News

Port Lincoln School of Yoga welcomes you warmly back to our studio, opening Monday 15th June with our Winter Timetable 🕉
To ensure we meet SA Health COVID safety requirements, please note the following:
– Classes are capped at 10 participants for now. Please secure your place by sending a text message to your teacher.
– Students will need to bring their own equipment, including a mat, firm blanket (or towel), strap (tie/scarfe), and a towel to cover a bolster if you like to use one during class.
– Hand sanitiser will be provided on entry downstairs and upstairs at the sign in desk.
-Full name and phone number or email address will need to be provided in the sign in book for each class.
-Social distancing requirements of 1.5sqm will need to be honoured as you remove your shoes (shoe rack is now downstairs), ascend the stairs and at the sign in desk.
-Our black lino tiles offer the perfect 4sqm requirement! Mats will be laid out upstairs to guide you. Please place your mat over the top of the studio mat.
-It is very important that you remain at home if you are not feeling well. Teachers’ numbers are available on our timetable – please be sure to contact them if you plan to come to class, or if you have put your name down and are no longer able to attend.
– Timetable will be reviewed again as things change. Thursday morning will likely commence term 3.
We thank you for your support as we navigate these changes in how our studio is run. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions 🙏🏼

Dr. Kausthub Desikachar May newsletter

Together we fall. United we rise.

Greetings from the Viniyoga® family worldwide.

The world has been given a massive lesson. In the last few decades, we have been pushing towards a more globalised world. Using the mantra of globalisation, we have built a very interconnected world that has made the globe smaller and smaller. However, this means that our fates are also interconnected, and we are experiencing this through the current COVID-19 crisis.

Many people complain that the Corona crisis broke our system. I feel that it did not. Instead, it exposed the broken system we have created in the past decades. In India, there is a saying that when you grasp the tail of a tiger, you can’t let it go. We as a collective society not only created this tiger, called the consumption-based globalised economy but have also grasped its tail. We have become so dependant on it that we cannot let it go. Not only that, but we have also made it so intricately interconnected with players across the globe, that when we fall, we shall almost certainly all go down together.

Many people are praying and hoping that this crisis will end. The Corona crisis is merely a test to ready us for what will happen after. The Climate crisis is even more significant, and that will most certainly be the next crisis that will hit humanity. Are we prepared for that? Given what the current situation has revealed, we are definitely not ready.

The only way to let go of the tiger is to weaken it first. And the only way to make it weaker is by making collective conscious choices. We must unite together and redefine our consumption patterns. We must try and embrace local produce, that is both ecologically friendly and sustainable. We need to reduce our carbon footprint. We need to reduce the pollution of our waters, air and land. We need to accept and honour our differences and diversity. We need to start making decisions that are not just based on economic factors, but on moral, ethical and ecological ones.

Globalisation, while we will most certainly fall together, has also given us an opportunity to unite and rise together. If we can put aside our differences and connect to our hearts, and make decisions from there, I am quite sure we will not only survive this pandemic but be better prepared for the next.

Here is where Yoga comes in handy. We must look to practice the holistic discipline so that we can more deeply connect with our hearts. As Yoga teachers and practitioners, we must boldly go into this heart space, and help those around us do the same. Such internal changes will change the way we live, giving us greater respect and regard for nature.

Let us come together, connect with our hearts and rise together, not only to overcome this current crisis but also to be well-prepared for the next.


Dr. Kausthub Desikachar
Krishnamacharya Healing & Yoga Foundation
The Viniyoga® Tradition

Studio Reopening Update 25 May 2020

Dearest community, we are feeling so grateful that South Australia is doing so well, enough so that restrictions are easing earlier than first planned 🧡
We are however not quite ready to open Monday and will be opening sometime after the long weekend, with more details coming soon 🙏🏼
We are so very much looking forward to having you all back in the studio 💜
Love and light ✨