Online Class Option – Wednesdays 5pm

New weekly ONLINE class + February ‘back to school’ deals!

Sarah’s Slow Flow class will now also be available online (+ as a recording if you can’t make it!). For the month of February, enjoy 4 classes with Sarah for $44 (details on website). Online Slow Flow is the same as her other Slow Flow classes but simply through an online platform (zoom).

Practicing online has so many benefits – you don’t have to get babysitting for the kids so you can go to the yoga studio, you can wear your pajamas to yoga, you could fart and no one would know (you were definitely thinking it…), you don’t have to find a car park (sometimes tricky along Washington St at particular times!), you don’t have to wear your mask inside or use QR codes, you could be isolating/traveling/feeling non-social…the list could go on.

Sarah has taught online ever since the beginning of April 2020 and really enjoys the accessibility that online practice provides. One of her favorite things about it is being able to facilitate an at-home practice for you to begin to integrate yoga practice into home life. For more information + to sign up – go to her website (there is also a link via her @sarahhayesyoga IG page). She also has resources on her website that can help you get online if you haven’t used zoom or signed up online before.

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