Equipment – what to bring

~ E Q U I P M E N T ~
Gentle reminder that you will need to bring your own equipment to class, including mats, straps, blocks, blankets…some helpful information below ⬇️
• mats – these can be purchased around town or online, with prices to suit most budgets. They will be laid over our mats so this can add padding for knees 🌻
• blankets – any blankets from home will do…blankets can be used for warmth, head support, seat support, etc so please bring enough for your needs☀️
• strap – you can improvise here, using a tie or scarfe works perfectly 💗
• blocks – please bring your own if you can, some will be available to use but you will need to wipe down before and after use 🌸
• bolsters – if you dont have your own and would like to use one of ours please make sure you bring an extra blanket, towel or sarong to lie over the top 🦋
We also remind everyone of social distancing and hygiene practices during this time. Our shoe rack has been moved downstairs to help with this. Sanitiser will be available to use on entry. Please also bring your own water and herbal tea following class will not be able to happen.
We thank you for your ongoing support to help keep our fellow students and studio safe and complying with our COVIDSafe plan which is available in studio.
If anyone has any questions about anything please get in touch 🙏🏼
Enjoy your weekend and we will see you next week…namaste 😊